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Homestead Exemption

Information by County

Filing your residential homestead exemption is a great chance for homeowners to combat high Texas property taxes as well as reducing financial stress. This opportunity is available to owners who live in the subject property (i.e. owners who are not leasing their home to tenants).

Filing this exemption is free of charge and simple for you to complete on your own. Benefits can include $230-250 tax savings per year plus prevent your assessed value from increasing more than 10% annually!

Exemptions must be filed between January 1st and April 30th on the year of which you are applying for & you must own & reside at the subject property as your primary residence on January 1st of the application year. Below, we have provided links for you depending on the county you live in. We have separated them by county as finding the necessary form(s) differs between them.

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